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Warrington Police: Press Release (MAR.16)

Warrington Township Police are investigating the apparent tragic accident involving a 5 year boy who was seriously injured in an incident involving the family dog, a one and half year old hound mix.  Police were called to the Township’s Palomino Farms development around 4:23 PM yesterday afternoon for the report of a 5 year old boy found lying face down in the snow unresponsive.  The child’s parents and older sister were home at the time and inside the house.  The child was dressed in a full snow suit, along with gloves, a hat, boots, and a scarf.   The child was playing outside with the family dog which was not unusual.  The child’s mother looked out and saw the boy lying face down in the snow with the dog tugging and pulling at the scarf. The child was unconscious and unresponsive with the scarf tight around his neck.  The child’s mother untied the scarf and carried the child into their house.  She called 911 immediately.  Police, fire and EMS, responded and the first arriving police officer started CPR right away.

Warrington Ambulance transported the boy to Doylestown Hospital.  Police transported the family to the hospital to be with their son.  After being stabilized, the child was transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by ambulance where he will be under heavy sedation for the next several days.

Warrington Police Detectives report that preliminary details indicate that this incident was likely a tragic accident.

The investigation is still ongoing.