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Electronics Recycling Event (JUN.10)

Electronics Recycling Event Sponsored by Redemption Episcopal Church and Warminster Township

Safely dispose of old electronics while supporting ex-offenders reentering the workforce

WARMINSTER, PA (March 29, 2017) – Looking for a place to safely dispose of all those old electronics? Redemption Episcopal Church and Warminster Township are sponsoring an Electronics Recycling Event Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Warminster Community Park, 350 E. Bristol Road, Warminster.

Simply drive up and volunteers will unload your old electronics. The following are accepted: laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, scanners, fax machines, cell phones, keyboards, iPods, MP3 players, Fitbits, VCRs, DVD players, cords, game systems, etc. CRT TVs/monitors are $30/each (flat screen TVs/monitors and all other items are free of charge). All computer drives are safely wiped clean.

This event benefits PAR-RecycleWorks, a non-profit organization supporting ex-offenders as they transition into the workforce. More than half of all people leaving prison or on probation are unemployed. Over 60 percent will be rearrested within three years after their release. Taking the electronic waste and other recyclables provided by residents, faith-based organizations, corporate and educational partners, PAR-RecycleWorks deconstructs these items, recycles the materials and disposes of the waste safely and cleanly. The scrap metals and other reusable materials collected in this process are then sold to help pay for salaries and job skill development for formerly incarcerated men and women to support their productive re-entry back into society.

For more information, visit the PAR-RecycleWorks Facebook page, facebook.com/parrecycleworks.

About PAR-Recycle Works

PAR-Recycle Works is a nonprofit that provides transitional employment to people returning to the community from prison through an environmentally responsible electronics recycling service. Working with municipalities, businesses, faith-based organizations and other major institutions, PAR-Recycle Works takes apart computers and other electronics and recycles them into valuable components that are sold to generate revenue to pay their employees. By providing their employees with skills and opportunities, PAR-Recycle Works helps to build safer communities and contribute to stronger families while saving taxpayer money.

About Redemption Episcopal Church

The Church’s mission is to know Christ and share Him with others. We believe in Christian service to the community and building a community that accepts where you are (and who you are) but doesn’t leave you there. The parish respects the traditional customs of the ancient Church while incorporating contemporary expressions of worship.