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Public Works on Treating Roads (JAN.4)

There has been recent inquiries about whether or not township roads have been salted. Salt becomes less effective when you have extremely low Temperatures, it takes longer to melt the snow and ice.  The effectiveness of salt is reduced when  temperatures reach 20 degrees and lower.  Recent temperatures in our region have been down in the single digits overnight and in the 20’s during the day.  These low temperatures are leading residence to believe local roads haven’t been salted, when in fact they have been.  Warrington Township Department of Public Works in doing everything they can when responding to these winter storm events.

Another factor that plays a role is traffic volume.  The more traffic you have on a slated road the faster the melt.  Traffic places additional friction on the road surface which generates heat that activates the salt.  When you have a local road that is less traveled, it takes longer for the salt to activate.  The sun coupled with salt also impacts ice and snow melt.

Public Works is presently prepared to respond to this impending storm and temperatures will play a role in whether the salt will be effective immediately. The current forecast is for  1” to 3” inches.  Generally, anything between 1” to 2” inches is salted.  Additional accumulations generally required plowing.

If you must drive during or immediately after a storm event, please be careful and drive safely.  Know that we are doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for you.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Warrington Township Department of Public Works