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FROM WTPD: Bomb Threat at the Warrington Lowes

From the Warrington Township Police Department

Warrington police are investigating a bomb threat at the Warrington Lowes early this morning.  Employees found a couple of notes in the men’s restroom bathroom stall around 6:25 this morning.  They called police and the store was immediately evacuated.  The notes indicated that a bomb would go off somewhere in the store.  Warrington Police called Middletown Township police in to assist with their specially trained canine’s.  Two canines spent many hours checking the store.  The canines did a great job clearing such a large store.  They were given many breaks throughout the morning.  Warrington police thank Middletown Township police for their assistance this morning. The store was deemed safe to return around 9:45 am after no bombs were located.  Anyone with information regarding these notes found are asked to contact Warrington Police at 215-343-3311 or leave an anonymous tip on our Crimewatch social media platform.

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