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The “Bear” Necessities (JUN. 10)

PA Game Commission – Southeast Region 610-926-3136 / 610-926-3137


-bears mate primarily from early June to mid-July

-most active at dusk and dawn

-don’t put trash out until the morning of collection

-clean garbage cans regularly using bleach

-clean your outdoor grill, properly dispose of grill grease

-bring bird feeders in at night

-store trash, bird seed and pet food inside a building/garage or secure shed

-bring pet food in at night

-don’t place food out for other wildlife

-intentionally feeding bears is against the law in PA.


If you come across a bear on your property:

-make loud noises or shout at the bear from a distance, like you would at dog getting into your trash; OR

-leave the bear alone, and clean up the bear’s mess after it leaves

-Follow up by making sure you eliminate whatever attracted the bear in the first place


Source: PA Game Commission www.pgc.pa.gov


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