Warrington Township
The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734

Recycling & Trash

Associations and Homeowners are responsible for their own recycling and trash.

Years ago, Warrington Township had a list of trash haulers that were approved by the township to operate within the township.

However, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is now responsible for all trash haulers to be licensed with the State and not with individual municipalities.  Click on the link to the DEP’s website for a listing of approved trash haulers that is updated daily.

The website is as follows:  www.pa.dep.wtsp

Pennsylvania’s Electronics Recycling Law

“As of January 1, 2013, Pennsylvania’s new electronics recycling law takes effect, which means trash companies will no longer be able to accept items such as, TV’s, computer equipment and more. The new law bans the equipment from entering landfills; therefore, residents will need to seek other means for recycling such equipment. Though, trash companies will not be accepting the disposal of electronics, there are other means of recycling.”

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