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Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer Department – Contact Info:
Christian R. Jones, Director of Water and Sewer/
Assistant to the Manager
852 Easton Road, Warrington, Pa 18976
Phone:(215) 343-1800
Email: cjones@warringtontownship.org


Director of Water and Sewer/Assistant to the Manager- Christian R. Jones

Mr. Jones received his Bachelor Degree in History from Temple University and recently received his Master Degree in Public Administration with a Certificate in City Management from Villanova University.

Mr. Jones also served as Villanova University’s 2016-2017 International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Student Chapter President. He has been working in local government since 2009 gaining experience in various areas including: administration, parks and recreation, zoning, code enforcement, emergency management and water and sewer.

Mr. Jones is an active member of ICMA, the Association of Pennsylvania Municipal Management (APMM), the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) and was appointed the Coordinator for the Bucks County Consortium of Communities in November of 2017.

Starting as a temporary employee in Warrington Township’s Code Enforcement Department and subsequently becoming an Intern for the same Department, he then became the Water and Sewer Services Coordinator in January 2015, and transitioned into the Director of Water and Sewer/Assistant to the Manager position in  October 2015.

Notice to Residents Not Connected to Public Water and/or Sewer:

If you own a property that is not connected to public water and/or public sewer and either one or both is available, the following two ordinances are applicable upon the sale of your property and should be included in your agreement of sale:

Public Sewer Ordinance # 95-3 enacted February 21, 1995 by the Board of Supervisors and Public Water Ordinance # 2003-O-15 enacted September 9, 2003 by the Board of Supervisors.

Both Ordinances state that all persons owning an occupied building now erected upon property accessible to sanitary sewer system and or public water system shall at their own expense connect such building within ninety (90) days after notice to do so from the Township or Warrington Township Water and Sewer Department.

Please contact the Water and Sewer Department at 215-343-1800 to obtain more information.

The Board of Supervisors approved Water Rate, Water Fee, and Sewer Fee increases in conjunction with the 2018 Budget. Warrington Township was able to prevent any additional costs arising from the PFOA/PFOS water contamination at the Horsham Air Guard Station to our customers through fiscal year 2017. With the transition to 100% Forest Park Water—via our Water Supply Agreement with North Wales Water Authority—the Township was forced to pass increased costs on to our customers via the Water Rate increase in fiscal year 2018. Additionally, the Township adjusted an existing $15 quarterly Water Fee to $20 as the next step towards lessening the amount of money we will need to borrow to fund Capital Improvement Projects and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure. The Township also instituted a $20 quarterly Sewer Fee which will replace and supplement our existing Base Sewer Fee, Account Administration Fee, and Meter Replacement Fee for Residential Sewer Accounts. This increase will assist the Township in funding capital projects, but the Township will need to look into additional funding options in the future to maintain and improve the water and sewer infrastructure.

2017 Adopted Rates

Districts 1, 2, & 3
Water per 1,000 gallons $4.71


2018 Adopted Rates

Districts 1, 2, & 3
Water per 1,000 gallons $5.17

Click the link below to see where Warrington’s bills stand in comparison to our neighboring communities:

2018 Bill Comparison



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