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Pool Credits

We MUST have the completed form to issue any sewer credits.  These are one time a year credits for filling your pool.  For every thousand gallons used, a sewer credit of $6.67 will be credited on your account.  The form can be found on our website (Click here for a form) and can be returned to our office by mail, email or delivered in person.  Please remember NO CREDITS will be issued if the form is not completed and submitted as specified.

Your meter is usually found in your basement or utility area and is pictured below.  If you are asked to read your meter or you need readings for your pool credits, we ask that you provide all the numbers visible, including the tenths of gallons.

Please keep in mind that any water use will raise your bill; this includes outside use such as watering and irrigation systems.  We do not issue credits for lawn watering or irrigation use.  For every gallon of water used through your domestic meter, you are charged for water and for sewer.  If you have an irrigation meter, you can use that for any water lines that are for outdoor use only.  You are only billed for water on irrigation meters.  Please call our offices if you are interested in purchasing an irrigation meter or would like more details.

Forms may be submitted in person, mailed to 852 Easton Rd, emailed to info@wtwsd.org, or faxed to 215-343-5944. Click here for a form!

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