January. 26, 2015 -Warrington Township has declared a snow emergency to begin Monday, 1/26/2015 at 4:00pm until Tuesday, 1/27/15 at 7:00pm. Avoid any unnecessary travel. All vehicles and basketball nets should be removed from the roadway to ensure efficient and safe plowing/salting of the roads.

Stay tuned to local news stations and the Township website at www.warringtontownship.org for more information. Please be sure to keep all fire hydrants clear of snowfall. All sidewalks must be cleared of snow/ice within 24 hours after snow/ice has stopped falling. Do not deposit, throw, or place snow and ice into the roadway as this is a violation of Warrington Township Code and creates an unsafe condition. Shoveling snow gradually during the storm will allow residents to clear snow easier.  


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