Warrington Township
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Pension Board

The Pension Advisory Board is seeking two (2) volunteers. Click the link for more details  PENSION ADVISORY BOARD IS SEEKING TWO
The Pension Board will meet the sixth Wednesday at the end of each quarter at 7:00 p.m. (See Calendar for date and time updates.)


Board Members:

Joseph Kirby, Chairperson – Term exp. 12/31/19
Amy Organek, Staff Accountant, Secretary  – Term exp. 12/31/19
Sgt Kenneth Hawthorn, Alternate – Term exp. 12/31/19
Officer Daniel Sadowski – Term exp. 12/31/19
Barry P. Luber – Term exp. 12/31/19
Michael Simone – Term exp. 12/31/20

Fred Gaines, Chair, Board of Supervisors
Eileen Albillar, Member, Board of Supervisors

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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