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Veteran Affairs Committee

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Bucks County Veterans Transportation Program
Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption Program
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The Veteran Affairs Committee has (1) Vacancy, click here for an application form .

Board Members:

Oliver A. Groman, Jr., Chairman – Term Expires 12/31/2019
Peter Scott, Vice Chairman – Term Expires 12/31/2019
Chris Roth, Member
Andrew C. Bracy, Member
Christopher A. Patton, Member – Term Expires 12/31/2019
Joan S. Klein, Alternate – Term Expires 12/31/20
David T. Houpt, Alternate – Term Expires 12/31/2019
Vincent Valinotti – Term Expires 12/31/22

Shirley Yannich, Board Liaison

To contact us call (215)343-9350

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