Warrington Township
The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734

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District Location
#1 Warrington Township Building, 852 Easton Road
#2, 6 & 7

Central Bucks HS South located at 1100 Folly Road.

Includes the following developments:
Warrington Oaks, Spring Meadow, Somerset Walk, Prescott Farms, Hickory Ridge, High Gate, Warrington Hunt, Warrington Hunt East and West, Woodlands, Whitehorne, Maple Knoll, Legacy Oaks, and Castle Hill.

#3 & 4 St. Robert Bellarmine Church located at the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Carriage Way.
#5 Warrington Fellowship Church – 2233 Bristol Road
#8 Warrington Fire House Co. #1 – 2310 Freedoms Way