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Fireworks Educational Program Contest

Fireworks Educational Program Contest

The Warrington Township Fireworks Ad Hoc Committee has established a Fireworks Educational Program to help our community better understand the dangers of the use and abuse of consumer fireworks and to educate about our recently passed fireworks law.

As part of this program, the Committee will be holding a contest for the creation of educational flyers by Warrington Township residents (and students who attend schools in Warrington). Submissions should be informative and creative with the understanding that they may be posted to the Township website and social media pages. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

6th Grade and Under 7th to 12th Grade Adults
1st Place = $100 1st Place = $100 1st Place = $100
2 Runner Ups = $50 each 2 Runner Ups = $50 each 2 Runner Ups = $50 each
Grand Prize = $300


Eligibility – Warrington Township residents or students who attend schools located within Warrington Township.

Submission Format – Submissions in the form of an 8.5” x 11” JPEG, Microsoft Word document (DOCX), or PDF file are strongly preferred. If you have a physical submission and need assistance with technology, please contact Assistant Township Manager Christian Jones at cjones@warringtontownship.org.

Evaluation Criteria – Submissions will be evaluated by the Committee based upon four categories: 1. Overall Impression; 2. Visuals; 3. Strength of Message; 4. Creativity.

Submission Deadline – Submissions must be sent via email to Christian Jones at cjones@warringtontownship.org or delivered to the Township building no later than 4:00PM on Monday February 1, 2021. Please provide your name, address, and grade level (6th grade and under; 7th to 12th; or adult).

Please find below the information you should incorporate into your flyer submissions. You may choose to focus on one or more topics based on your own preferences.

  • Fireworks can negatively impact people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) including war veterans and victims of abuse.
  • Fireworks can negatively impact people with special needs, sensory issues, or other disabilities.
  • Fireworks can be overwhelming and disruptive for elderly residents, young children, and infants.
  • Many pets and wildlife have overwhelming anxiety from the loud explosions and flashing lights that come from fireworks.
  • Fireworks cause extensive air, water, and ground pollution, propelling metal particles and dangerous toxins into our environment.
  • Fireworks are dangerous and may cause injuries or damage to personal property.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and follow the new Warrington fireworks law.

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