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Warrington Township 2021 Budget

Warrington Township 2021 Budget – HAS NO TAX INCREASES  and Homestead Exemption Will Remain

Warrington Township announced that its 2021 budget will have no tax increases.  The budget was approved via Zoom at the Board of Supervisors meeting on November 24, 2020.

The 2021 budget calls for $15.2 million in the General Fund to be used for the operations of all township departments. In light of the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, the Board of Supervisors proposed a budget that held the line on taxes and kept the Homestead Exemption, which gives eligible homeowners a $3000 reduction in their Real Estate Assessment. In addition, since the water utilities have been sold to North Wales Water, the Fire Hydrant tax has been eliminated.  The result is Warrington Township’s 2021 budget will be balanced with no new taxes, and the township eliminated an old tax.

Several capital projects that will take place or continue in 2021 were presented as part of the Capital Improvement Fund. The proposed projects for 2021 include:

  • Repaving of township roads – $1.2 million
  • Construction of an access road from the Township complex to Easton Rd. – $325,000
  • Palomino Streambank Stabilization – $330,000
  • Renovations to the playground at Willow Knoll Park – $500,000
  • Township Building HVAC Upgrades – $125,000
  • Storm Drainage improvements to Warrington Village – $510,000
  • Red Coat Farm Drive Trail repaving – $25,000
  • Historic Preservation – 10 Folly Rd. Schoolhouse – $100,000
  • Easton Rd. Pedestrian Crossing – $100,000
  • 202 to Bradford Dam Trail – $650,000*
  • Community room at Lions Pride Park – $1,100,000*
  • Boardwalk trail extension at Lions Pride Park – $225,000*

*Will be undertaken if grant funds are received

The township’s $25.8 million-dollar budget considers the negative impacts on revenue from the COVID-19 epidemic and allows for no new full-time staff, with the possible exception of a police officer to replace one who is out on medical leave. In addition, capital and operating costs have reduced by all departments, salaries are being adjusted on a performance basis and capital spending on some items has been deferred until either later in the year 2021 or the following year.

“The township’s budget includes provisions for: (a) meeting our obligations to maintain healthy pension funds for both police and non-uniformed employees; (b) police salary increases resulting from recent contract negotiations; (c) continuing our program of repaving every street in the Township,

every twenty years; and (d) ensuring that any new development will comply with the new zoning code,” said Fred Gaines, Chairman of the Warrington Township Board of Supervisors.

“The Board of Supervisors wishes to thank the employees of the Township who have continued to provide excellent services to Warrington residents and businesses under these unusual conditions.”

Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734