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Bucks County Community Alert System Information

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Community Alert System, www.readynotifypa.org, allows residents to receive emergency warnings via e-mail, text messaging, pagers, and other wireless devices.  Residents can voluntarily participate in this program by enrolling on a website and listing your community and the devices you would like included in the alert system.In addition to emergencies, you can also elect to receive notification of severe weather, amber alerts, health alerts and other warnings. It’s free to sign up and choose the type of alerts you want, however your wireless provider may charge a fee to receive text messages. You can also select the communities you want receive alerts for, so you can be alerted for multiple locations, such as work, home, and school.

Special Needs Registrywww.specialneedspa.org, is a voluntary database for residents with Special Needs. For purpose of this project, a special needs person is someone who cannot receive, understand, or act on emergency protective instructions.  By enrolling in this confidential program, the Township will be able to identify residents in the area of the emergency that have special needs and may need some additional assistance with evacuation, power outages, etc. This information will not be available to the public, but will help emergency personnel with planning. Residents will be prompted to update the information periodically and if not updated, the data will be dropped after six months. Relatives will be able to enroll family members who do not have access to a computer.


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Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734