Warrington Township
The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734



Roads Adopted:

Folly Road between Bristol & Pickertown Roads

Pickertown Road between Bristol & Lower State Roads

Stuckert Road between Bristol & Lower State Roads

Folly Road between Pickertown to County Line Roads

Kansas Road

Valley Road (Street Road to County Line Road)

Georges Lane

Herblew Road and Longview Road

Some of our friends as shown above, have already adopted a road. Want to get you name posted along a township road? Now you can, by joining our Adopt-A-Road program. What is the program and Who needs to do What? We will place 2 road signs with you or your organizations name along a township road. We will provide you and your group with vests, gloves, litter bags, caution signs and will pick up the bagged trash collected. We will post your name on our web site and list your name in the newsletter. You agree to pick up litter a minimum of 4 times a year. It’s that easy. Just complete the Adopt-A-Road application form & Email us @eac.warrington@gmail.com.


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