Warrington Township
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Zoning Hearing Board

There will be no meeting this December 2021.

The Zoning Hearing Board meets the fourth Monday of the month as needed at 7:00 p.m. The Zoning Hearing Board will only meet if there are zoning appeals to be heard. Meetings are held in person at the Warrington Township Building, 852 Easton Road and via zoom. To register for the meeting via zoom click here to register.

NOTICE DECEMBER 6, 2021: The hearing for ZHB 21-23 (Omni Building Group, LLC) regarding an appeal of the denial of a building permit to construct a single family dwelling at the easterly end of Warrington Avenue will be postponed from December 20, 2021 until January 24, 2022.

Annual Reports: 
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Want to be a part of the Board? 
Contact (215) 343-9350.

Board Members:

Frank Shelly, Chairman – Term exp. 12/31/20
Janice Devito, Vice Chairperson – Term exp. 12/31/23
Dennis Gordon, Secretary- Term expires 12/31/21
Richard Alsdorf, Member – Term expires 12/31/24
Kevin Lawlor, Alternate Member – Term expires 12/31/22
Harry Chess, DDS, Member – Term expires 12/31/2023
Thomas E. Panzer, Esq., Solicitor
Roy W. Rieder, P.E., Director of Planning

Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734